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[EVDL] Prius or Lexus motor

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I have looked into this just a little. The prius is a very special
animal I think I would put a advanced dc 9" in where the ICE was before
and not mess with it's computer controlled dual motor/generator
planetary variable ration transaxle setup.

But the honda IMA motors are much simpler. just a 2.5" thick stack that
bolts to the motor and presents the same pattern on the other side to
the tranny. In the Insight , They kind of took up the sapce that would
of been a 4th cylinder with the IMA motor. I have dreamed about buying
an insight for conversion one of these days. Go to the wrecking yard and
get more IMA parts and stack them up! throw out the ICE and just use 4
rotors. Maybe the controllers can be stacked too. Use an advanced
battery and with such a great aero lightweight car, it might make a
smoking EV.

The civic IMA motor is nearly identical in design, but is a little larger.

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