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Hi Everbody,

We have been informed by the producers of Greenwheels that ProEV's Electric
Imp should be on television at 10 Pm EST tonight.

We were filmed as part of their coverage of Battery Beach Burnout back in
January. You may have already read our write-up posted in February: It should be a fun show with lots
of Florida EV's.

Greenwheels is on Equator HD network available in the U.S. on Cablevision's
iO digital cable platform and Echostar's DISH Network. More information

This does not jib exactly with what the Dish Network is saying. They list a
'Human Power' episode of Greenwheels:

In other Electric Imp news the SCCA race at Moroso Motorsports Park this
coming weekend has been cancelled by the organizers.

We will be running the SunDay Challenge Oct 6 and 7. There is an Autocross
Saturday at Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa Florida and a Road Rally
from the Florida Solar Energy Center to Florida Institute of Technology in
Melbourne. Monday there will be a Electric Drive and Hybrid Vehicle Workshop
at the Florida Solar Energy Center. More information here:


For subscription options, see
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