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[EVDL] Pros/Cons of a Donor choice

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Hi folks!

I've been looking around for donors and have found a few nice ones. My
intention is to build a moderate performance, range oriented machine
that can top 100 miles on a charge, hopefully at something like no
more than 75% DOD. Assume AGM and BMS, DC motor, Zilla 1K.

At the moment, I've been working out params for converting a 4.5
seater Merc 190E into a 190EV ;-) I'd be losing the back seat of
course, but calculations show that there would be enough room for the
batteries I -should- need. Assume manual trans or direct drive. The
thing about this setup is that I would most definitely need to do some
serious beefing up of the rear suspension and some frame
strengthening. I don't mind this.. no worries and I know a merc
mechanic who is gaga about them :) Any additional advice on such a
conversion... I would be MORE than happy to hear about your
experiences about strengthening necessities.


I was wondering... I know there is one fella here who converted an El
Camino to an EV (Roland Wiench, but his stated range is
kinda poor.. compared to the stated range of the Red Beastie
( Is this because of the battery
weight on RB being higher in proportion to total weight?

There are some nifty El Caminos out there.. would be easier and more
interesting to convert one of them for me :) What do you folks think?


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