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I have a couple of questions about motor temperature:

Occasionally, I'll wait patiently by a grown-up street for a gap in traffic
big enough to accomodate the ForkenSwift and then accelerate for a long
time, pulling 125-200A (@ 48v) during the gradual ascent to cruising speed.

I've had occasion to open the hood not long after one of these scenarios
(I'm in the habit of periodically checking cables & connections after a
"big" amp draw - once I discovered a warm one because I had mistakenly left
a washer between the lug and the terminal). I'm curious to know what I
should be watching for in terms of motor heat:

1) Is it normal to be able to smell a warm motor? I have noticed this
occasionally. It's not a burnt smell or anything, just a hot metal smell.

2) The only part of the motor that warms up (that I can easily feel) is the
shaft, on the commutator end. Warm/hot, occasionally, but not
burn-your-finger hot. The case itself is always cool all around Normal?

3) I know some motors have temp sensors installed - where are they usually

FYI, this 8 inch pump motor has an internal fan at the drive end.


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