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--- James Massey <[email protected]> wrote:

> G'day Jim, All
> "Founder and head engineer"?!!

Hey James

Caught that did ya, wasn't my doing! lol.

Must be an honorary thing 8^P Although I do have
masters in both "head banging" and "knuckle ripping"

> That's a bit of a come down from "The
> Greatest Motor Builder in the World"! :^)

I only screamed that from my roof once 8^) and my
neighbors got a court order saying I can't do it
anymore, so there 8^P LMAO.

Honestly I'm in a good chapter in my life (FWIW it's
not all glamore). The last couple of years have
offered me a real sense of purpose though, and that
I'm doing something that matters, and it's larger than
I am, and that's pretty cool. It's by connecting with
all of you guys that's allowed a little magic to

>From my point of view I'm just switching from one
abusive customer to another 8^o which brings about
more head banging 8^)

I will say there is something to that "be careful what
you wish for" thing 8^P But I'll also say if you
aren't passionant about it, how are you going to get
the public to be passionant about it? Of course there
is that fine line between passion and looking like a
lunitic 8^)

How'd I do BTW 0 being passion and 10 being loony ;^)

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric

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