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I totaly agree with Will about the new electric cars built by Nissan and Toyota and Honda having a long warranty that will repair anything that goes wrong with the car, What I'm getting at is that as a conversion shop, I take a used car and make it electric,,or a new car, Which Wills Hyundai was when I got it. I dont and other converters dont have the R&D money in the BILLIONS to design and offer a new electric car with a log extended warranty, Warranties have always been a sales gimmick , you seen that on TV, one company will offer a 5 year and the other guys come up with a 7 or 10 year, with more mileage than the car will use before you have to tow it to the junk yard.and most of them aren't transferable when you trade it in or sell it privately.

Looking at new VERY VERY expencive cars dont even have a warranty, The Ferrari 458 dosnt have one, the Lambo Guarado dosnt have one. Even Rolls Royce only had a 12/12 on theirs and that started in the 90s . Im not trying to get off topic but as a builder, I have to do what I can with what I have at hand, I cant re-invent the Universe with a stone ax. As a builder I can only give the warranty that comes with the components I buy to install on them, usually 2 years and I put a 90 day warranty, as per Kansas law on any work on a used car/truck for repairs, in my case conversions.

Again , maybe people that want a electric car dont want a Nissan, maybe their looking at this broke down turd sitting behind the house thinking about converting that, at a nuch lower price,
that's what I'm here for...them . I do the best I can with what I have, with what I have to do it at that time,,later, newer components are made available for more efficiency at a better price, if they want to change them out , they can. I dont know how you could do that with a factory built car or the cost would be way to much to get 3 more miles from it.
BTW...there isnt any aircraft built today that comes with any kind of have to buy that separately..even an FA-18,, or a B-2 and thats 2 billion $$$$$$ and no insurance company will ever do that LOLOL
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