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[EVDL] Re: Warcharging

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Warcharging. I like the sound of that.

I do it every day. I commute to the Metrorail parking garage and of course
there are 10 amp maintenance outlets all over the garage. I asked the
station manager about plugging in and I was told to contact the regional
parking garage manager.

Long story, short- I called that guy about a dozen times, left 3 different
contact phone numbers, email addresses etc. He never returned my calls.
Finally I left one final message that said that I was just going to "do it"
and if he did not want me to, that he could call me or email me. That was
months ago and I've never been hassled. The garage has a "code enforcer"
that drives around and she's never touched my car. If the garage came under
new management or something, I'd gladly pay a fee to use the outlets.

I drive almost 30 miles to my reserve unit once a month and I plug in at our
big garage that houses our Humvees and 2.5 trucks. I've got 3 guys in my
unit asking me to show them how to build their own EV's.

Also, as I drive the car around town people notice the lack of "Beetle
burble" from my car and get excited when they find out that it's electric.
I've had a few local business owners/managers tell me straight up that if
I'm in the area, and need a boost that I can cheerfully plug into an outlet
on their wall.

And what's this about "real" EV chargers don't sip? ;-) I intentionally
bought a Zivan NG3 so that I could charge anywhere without tripping anyone's
breaker. I find that the freedom of opportunity charging beats "dump
charging" at home.

Rich A.
(Habitual Warcharger)

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