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In the finishing or equalization stage, the Zivan pulses the amperage at a higher voltage, so yes they perform an equalization charge every time. I don't have the manual in front of me, but there is a constant voltage variable amperage stage and a constant amperage variable voltage stage and couple other things going on. The manual is in the car where I can refer to error codes if any ever arise. (None ever have)

When I noticed what my voltages rose to during the finishing stage, I called and asked Elcon. I was assured that the charger is behaving properly. 4,000 miles later, Elcon Conversions seems to be correct.

Some of you guys must draw from some very low amperage outlets. I have the NG3 which only pulls like 12-15 amps. I war-charge all over the place and the only breaker I ever tripped was on my Navy reserve unit's diesel generator. It was rated at 15 amps and seemed a bit weak.

I ain't saying it's the very, very bestest charger out there. I'm just saying that it seems good and I like it. It handles the road vibration well, it's simple to operate, slim in design (space saving) and reliable. I agree that it's a little inflexible. You can't change input power or battery profiles on the fly. I knew what I was getting when I bought it.

Rich A.

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