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Hi all.

Just today I had a funny EVent with the ah-so-horrible-smart-copy we
spotted from ebay some time ago.

I was meeting one quite big gov owned Chinese company interested in EVs.

I had chance to have a brief visit in their R&D facilities. I saw few
small EVs and hybrid buses. AND the yellow smart copy !

So now I know the company, owners and the project status. They felt a
bit sore when I pointed my finger on that yellow glassfiber thing. I bet
the general manager was not so happy about the letters from Smart...

From a far distance with bad eye sight it really do look a bit smart
but when going in the "car".. geez... Daimler has nothing to fear.

They are talking about making these cars with small 3 phase AC motor
with lead acids and sell them out with 25000 RMB in China. That's
about.. $3000..

For small vehicle that sits two (almost) and has enough space in back
for groceries (if not that hungry) it was looking better every minute in
it. It was a proto so it was not looking finished. Paint job was done
with haste. But at least they were not even plannig a hybridize it. Good
move. Pure BEV!

BUT they will to make affordable EVs for EVeryone is here. Company has
few billion overturn (RMB) and resources.

Main business for them is to make permanent magnet and various types of
industion motors. They have 9 and 12 kW motors off the shelf for EVs.
Also in the show room was a modell of submarine which they have made
motors for.

I will get details a bit later about the smaller motors. Price can be ok
and this could be one source for affordable AC systems.

They are trying hard to learn about EVs and currently they are on about
our early 1990's on tech level. With a little push and resources for QC
there is a chance to help rEVolution.

I had my camera on me but was denied the right to use it. Maybe next time...

I bet they could make 30-40 k pcs of some sort of small EV during next
year. How's the freedomEV coming up :)


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