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[EVDL] Results of research concerning adoption of an EV "E-MINI" by GB drivers. (A re

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[EVDL] Results of research concerning adoption of an EV "E-MINI" by GB drivers. (A re

Gentlemen and Ladies, Regulars and Lurkers, This is INTERESTING, I am a
strong supporter of the EV adoption movement, and this is VERY encouraging.
I have read it five times and I like what I read ! I feel it is not only
encouraging, It made me feel GOOD...
or if that is too much to type then here is the
BUT be for-warned this is over 2,000 words, so it will take forever on a
PHONE... and when I printed it out it was about 10 pages !
As always, If you want to talk about it my phone number is

*Dennis Lee Miles* (Director) *E.V.T.I. inc*.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM <> *(Adviser)*
EVTI-EVAEducation Chapter
Phone (863) 944 - 9913
Initial demand (computed by extrapolating the reservations for GM Volt and
Nissan Leaf,) shall exceed 200,000 vehicles in 2010 and 2011. However only
50,000 vehicles will be marketed, so a LARGE demand for Nice Newer
Conversions is predicted!
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