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[EVDL] Running on vapor was Re: Magnetic Shock Absorber & EV

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<<< If it were 25mph or so, then I might believe 150 miles, given careful
optimization of the suspension, rock-hard tires, and a friendly hard road
surface. But at 55mph in a minivan (brick on wheels), aerodynamics is not
on your side.

While it would help a bit to keep the motor at its most efficient RPM, I'm
pretty sure that the efficiency band of a series DC motor isn't so narrow
that a 5-speed trans can't get close enough. (Motor experts, help me out
here.) A CVT would have to have the same efficiency that a manual trans has
to gain a significant advantage. Designing such a CVT would be quite an
accomplishment, since AFAIK even Honda's CVT doesn't match its manual. And
again I'm not so sure that it would make enough difference. >>>

It doesn't matter if the transmission is 100% efficient, or if you're
using something other than electricity or combustion, the vehicle
shown in the article will still need the same amount of energy in any
form (about 70kBtu's, 28hp-hr, or 21kwh) supplied to the wheels to
stay running for one hour. Unless there is some magic done to the
capacity of a 96V/245Ah pack of golf-cart batteries, it's vapor.

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