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Our local PBS Radio Station (KUOW)today on their 1 pm to 2 pm program
"The Conversation", had Van Jones from Oakland talking about Green
Collar Jobs, and invited folks to call in with their 1 minute Green
Business IDEA. I GOT THROUGH with ours!

This is on the heals of President Clinton talking to the National
Convention of Mayors, and then Sunday, Congressman Jay Inslee and his
book, "Apollo's Fire" All pounding HOME the same point that Green
Business can Be good for the Environment, and Good for the Economy.
And it is really the JOB of AMERICA to show the way for the rest of the
world with our wonderful history of entrepreneurship, and inventiveness.

They had a local big time Venture Capitol gal, Nancy from N'Th Powers
to make comments on the ideas... Our idea about a Alt Fuel Garage Co-Op
to convert cars came through fairly positive.

Here our ONE minute of FAME at:

Sorry...It's a 2.4mb down load, not Streaming....Not huge,(2 min 37 sec)
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Seattle EV Association
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