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[EVDL] Sevcon Calibrator Question

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I want to thank this list and its members for helping me find a replacement
controller for my Gizmo EV. The troubleshooting steps were critical in
determining that the controller was the most likely problem.

Now that the new controller has arrived, I wasted no time in installing it. No
sparks, no fires, no blown fuses, nothing at all exciting, just the way I like
it. Having taped up all the 1/0 cables as I removed them probably helped quite a
bit too.

Upon startup, the controller displays a six flash error code which is throttle
related. The calibrator displayed a confirmation of this error, but I was not
concerned. The settings within the personality list are out of range from the
previous configuration, which is consistent with the error. I had recorded all
the controller parameters prior to disconnecting the old controller and figured
it'd be an easy matter to re-enter them and get the error(s) cleared.


I'm aware of the keystroke sequences necessary to navigate the menus within the
calibrator (662/14030), but the plus and minus keys appear to be locked out:
"The calibrator can be specified to have various levels of access to certain
adjustments" is the text I found within the Sevcon PowerPak manual. I discovered
online that the 14036 calibrator has a password, but it didn't work on my model,
for obvious reasons.

Can anyone confirm that there is a password on this unit or that it's
permanently locked out from making changes to the controller? I'm thinking that
it's not permanently locked out, as I now recall that I made an adjustment to
the old controller and later made the change back.

Advice is greatly appreciated.


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