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Ed Lee wants to boot Gavin Newsom's hybrid Tahoe
By John Cot=E9 January 14 2011 Gavin Newsom may have been the green =

mayor, but Ed Lee wants to step it up a notch.
[image] This ride is so 2008.

The city's new mayor wants to ditch Newsom's [souped-up] hybrid sport =

utility vehicle. "You know, I fell out of it this morning," Lee =

laughed Friday on the KGO morning show. "It's such a big piece of ..."
He didn't complete that sentence. He was probably going to say =


Lee, at 5' 5", is considerably shorter than Newsom. Regardless of the =

clearance on the Chevy Tahoe hybrid, Lee said he wants to go electric.

"Obviously, I have to save the taxpayers money, so I can't be doing =

things that might cause more cost to happen," Lee said. "But to be =

quite honest, I'm looking for an electric vehicle. I'm a big, big =

supporter of our electric vehicle movement. I want to get off oil."

Lee, as city administrator, had overseen the city's fleet conversion =

toward hybrid and electric vehicles ...
[=A9 2011 Hearst Communications Inc.]

Ford: EV batteries evolving to quickly to hold still for pack swap
Ford Is Not Fond of Better Place's EV Battery Switch Stations
BY Ariel Schwartz twit/arielhs 01-12-2011
Electric vehicle infrastructure startup Better Place has been hard at
work over the past few years promoting its unique business model ... =

gas station-like battery switch stations that can swap out depleted EV
batteries for fresh ones in two minutes ... the plan won't work unless
automakers agree to make electric vehicles that are compatible with =

Better Place's robotic switch stations ...

It just doesn't make sense for Ford to commit to a common battery pack
format ... because it could hinder the company's ability to rapidly =

progress to new EV battery technology. "The size of [EV] battery packs
keeps changing. It will be different in two years," she says.

... The Better Place compatible Renault Fluence Z.E. will go into =

limited release in Denmark and Israel next year, with 100,000 units =

set to be deployed. As of right now, that's all the commitment to =

switch stations that Better Place can muster. And as vehicle charge
times for EV charging units continue to decrease, any incentive to =

move to a common battery pack for swap stations may drop as well.

There are markets where swap stations make a lot of sense--in smaller
countries that have large numbers of corporate fleets, and in the taxi
industry, for example. "Battery switch is really the only option for =

taxis, because it requires very little down time, versus standard or
quick charge which require the taxis to be out of service for much =

longer periods of time," Better Place spokesperson Julie Mullins =

explained to last year.

But for major automakers that simply want to keep ahead of their =

growing electric vehicle competition, it's not ideal. "For Ford," =

Cischke says, "it doesn't seem to be a solution that makes sense."
[=A9 2010 Mansueto Ventures LLC. All rights reserved]


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