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[EVDL] Shorted Battery Arc/Plasma Thing!

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Today, I was testing the new throttle for my (future) electric bicycle.

In order to make sure it worked, I needed to reconnect the battery
wires to the battery connector. The connector places the positive and
negative wires very close to each other.

You know what happens....The two wires, negative and positive, touched
each other like this....

I ____ I
I ( ) I
I - + I I - + I
I _ _ _I I_ _ _ _I

And so, erupted before me a ball of fury, filled with sparks, as a
pinkish white aura-like light fumed as if blooming smoke. And then
within a second the wires, thankfully, parted and I was left with some
black residue on the floor. I know John Wayland's story, and I usually
keep aware of the possibility of a short circuit when handling with
batteries, but I failed to think safely this time!

I'll always be careful around batteries now.

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