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John Husted was kind enough to provide me with a Yale Forklift motor that i=
s 8 =

inch in diameter. I zipped up a couple of =
hills =

with the 3.5 to one gear ratio shaft drive and it's as smooth as they come.=
It =

had good power. Maybe a third of a mile of EV grin andsteady power=
ful =

climbing when I came to a halt at a stop sign I heard snap, crackle, sizzle=
and =

pop along with smoke. I coasted home and put her up. A15 minutes=
later the =

motor body was too hot to touch. The next day I went up one hill with a =
volt =

meter keeping it to 36v. The motor heated up and slightly smoked. I c=
ouldn't =

see the smoke but a neighbor and motorcycle rider did. He got his face c=
lose. =

I was in the saddle. Jim and I thought the Yale was massive enough to be=
a good =

heat sink. Well no. Probably wound wrong. So the experiment failed=
in my =

opinion. So I'm looking for a K91 ADC motor used. If anyone has one p=
lease let =

me know what you'd like for it. I think I can bolt it right in. My ot=
her =

option is to have Jim perform surgery on an 8 inch ADC reducing the length =
so I =

can fit it into the bike. Below is a working shaft drive bike comuter.=
The =

owner states the motor can get hot. So maybe the other part of the exper=
iment =

is showing that the shaft drive ratio is not good for this kind of conversi=
on =

unless you have a massive heatsink or live on level ground. I think the =
Vision =

owner lives in Santa Rosa. It's a flat valley mostly. IfLarry g=
ets this what =

is the final ratio of your shaft driveVision? What kind of riding do =
you do? =

Anybody else have a successful shaft drive motorcycle at around a 3.5 to on=
e =

ratio.Some have used Jack shafts which I want to avoid. All that being s=
aid I =

really like the one gear solution using shaft drive. I like it alot and =
there =

has to be some solution. White Zombie uses a massive motor as well as =

Killacycle. Need I go to two motors? How do I fit it in? Lawrence =
Rhodes. Yamaha Vision which uses a K91.

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