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After 16000 miles on a new pack, I've had one battery fail. With the
heater on, using 10A or so, it is down to 6V in 20 minutes. The rest
of the batteries seem in good shape. I'm reluctant to spend $2000 on
a new pack before I have to, nor do I want to spend $150 on a new
battery that I'd have to replace in a few thousand miles. I'm
thinking of seeing if Solectria/Azure will give me or cheaply sell me
the best battery that they took out of someone's car to replace the
bad one. (Fortunately they are not far from me.)

Any comments? Does this seem like a reasonable plan, or should I
expect that there will be more failures and just bite the bullet and
get a new pack?

Ken Olum
1997 Force -- PbA, 156V

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