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I'm getting so close to having my conversion finished now that I can
almost taste it (oh, no, wait--that was the axle grease that just
dropped into mouth). Anyway, I'm at the point of mounting all the
contactors, shunts, etc. onto a board and wiring them up. Components
will be mounted on a 15-inch x 15-inch (38-cm x 38-cm) board. I've
drawn a mockup of the components to scale on the board, with the wiring
laid out. For anyone who's interested in looking (or pointing out
errors), the URL is:

The left side of the picture shows the control wiring. The right side
shows the same components with the traction wiring.

Should work as follows:

1) When you stick the key into the ignition, a relay closes which
powers up a 48V power supply, closing the negative contactor
2) When you turn the key to Accessory position, the pre-charge relay
closes, precharging the 1231C capacitors
3) When you turn the key to the On position, power is supplied to the
4) When you step on the accelerator, the pot-box microswitch closes,
supplying power to the positive contactor and KSI relay.


Bill Dennis

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