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[EVDL] Some decent media coverage of EVs

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Here is some decent media coverage of EVs:

The text of the story is here:

David D. Nelson

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I also was able to download the file and view it using
vlc 1.1.7 media player. I chose to toggle HD-off.

Yes, I found the News Station's video quite good, better than many
I have viewed. Since newswire links are removed after time, I will
post the text from your second link so it is saved on the evdl
archive. I have more comments afterward:

Cape Girardeau man builds his own electric cars
By Jeff Cunningham Feb 16 2011

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The future of the car as you know
it could be getting a big charge from a man in Cape Girardeau.

Jack Rickard is getting a lot of attention in the world of electric
cars and after you drive one, you can understand why.

I first met Jack in 2009 when we took a spin in his 1957 Porsche
Speedster replica. It's a car that is totally electric and quite

We agreed to come back when he completed his next electric car and we
did. Jack was just beginning to convert a Mini Cooper that now serves
as his daily driver.

"We put in regenerative braking system in it and 112 cells or 700
pounds of batteries," Jack said. "It will go 100 miles and 100 miles
an hour."

Jack has an entire garage dedicated to electric cars. It took him a
year to convert the Mini. The Porsche we drove in 2009 is getting
double the power. He did a electric prototype for the company that
makes the Porsche replicas. And, his team added a Porsche Spyder
replica that is also fully electric and would make James Dean green
with envy. These cars may look like the past, but for Jack they are
the future. He says it boils down to oil and the estimated two billion
cars in the world by 2020.

"The rest of the world wants to drive cars just like we do," Jack
said. "That's going to put a lot of pressure on the price of oil and
really change the way we live in suburbia."

But why spend $15,000 converting a car to electric? Why not just buy
an electric car? According to Rickard, it's not that easy.

"They've sold about 1,500 Tesla's at $150,000 a piece," he said.
"There's the Chevy Volt, an electric car that runs on gasoline and the
Nissan Leaf. You can't just go buy an electric car and you won't be
able to for some time."

Plus, why limit yourself when you have the means to turn any car you
fancy electric? Jack admits the mini was a real challenge. It's a
modern car with all the amenities. It has satellite radio, air
conditioning, heating, Bluetooth and an iPod adaptor. The real problem
was fooling the car computer into believing it still has a gas engine,
even though its engine is sitting about 20 feet away.

What it does have is 112 lithium ion phosphate batteries. Jack has
crates of them from a company in China. He can't find an American
company that sells them.

I took the Mini for a spin and it drives great. It has normal road
manners and is extremely quiet. And, the Mini isn't going to be the
end of Jack's electric projects, either. He is planning on tackling
something really impressive next. We may be back to drive the world's
first and only electric Cadillac Escalade!

If you want to learn more about electric cars and what Jack and his
team does, visit Jack's website at
[Copyright 2011 KFVS. All rights reserved.]

I decided to do some background/history web research digging about
Jack Rickard ... [Dated Material]
On Newsstands Now Issue 1.04 Sep/Oct 1993 Home-grown BB$
Some people are making millions with a computer and a "couple" of
phone lines. Jack Rickard scopes out the emerging billion-dollar
cottage industry of BBSes. By Jack Rickard ...
(jack.rickard @ is editor/publisher of Boardwatch
Magazine, the magazine of the home-grown BBS industry. He is also
co-founder of the Online Networking Exposition and BBS Convention
(ONE BBSCON). He operates a successful BBS at +1 (303) 973-4222

Jack Rickard seems like quite an accomplished fellow, having worked
hard in his life, and was wise enough to make some of his fortune
in the pre-Internet days of BBS addictions. This was back when
neither Windows 95 nor 3.1 had yet come out, dos apps still ruled,
and all connections were (at best) 2400 baud modem speed computer to
computer connections on a BBS (an early form of blogging, not the
HTML web pages with embedded multimedia of today). I know because I
go back to those days too, though I passed on the BBS crowd for the
later HTML web page scene. Any and all should certainly cut Jack
some slack for using some of his BBS-addicted-nerd-gotten fortune
for the EV cause:

EVTV Motor Verks [ ]
Jack Rickard & Brian 'The Brain' Noto

Are a regular series of web casts about EVs. A self proclaimed
dyslexic, Jack stated on camera he has a mild onset of Alzheimers, so
some episodes are lubricated with self-medicating doses of strong local
5.5% beer or a bottle of wine. Brian seems all to happy to not let
Jack partake alone, where Jack and Brian's interaction become not too
dissimilar to a Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon pre-guest chat. The
non-ethanol imbibed Videos have more clarity, but the intro and pace
of either are slow like a Waltons-meets-Bonanza genre.

Interestingly video densities are available from 240 to 720p, so
someone is paying to have all this bandwidth put up for all to view.
The first videos date back to 2009 and all can be found at

View this message in context:
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