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[EVDL] SSI Racing's Annual Report

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Hello Friends, Family, Fans, and complete stranger that gave me their
business card at some event,

So we definitely had an interesting year with tons of great publicity. We
attended events with literally millions of attendees including being on the
main floor of Detroit's North American International Auto Show, broke some
of our old world records, and got lots of press including being interviewed
for the film "What is the Electric Car?".

We are starting to fill in our schedule for the next year and reviewing our
sponsorships right now. What I feel like mentioning now is -

Dec 14, Hollywood Premier of "What is the Electric Car?". We will have a
car on display and do the green carpet. How cool is that for someone who
minored in theater?

Dec 30-Jan 2 - San Diego International Auto Show

February 25 - 5th anniversary of SSI Racing. Haven't decided where, but we
will have a party with some of the cars at a local dining establishment (San

April 15-17 Long Beach Grand Prix.

Thank you all for your support and have a great year,

Michael Kadie

Founder SSI Racing

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