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[EVDL] Still looking for STM-180s or EQ

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Im still looking, no luck yet but figured I would see if someone on the list has
found any. If you have a line on 40-100 usable STM-180s or maybe an interesting
equavalent near Phoenix, would appreciate if you would reply or drop me a line.
BTW, the guy in Chico or Barstow (forget which) doesn't sound too promising. I
have even given consideration to rebuilding a batch if I can gear up to do it
with some practicality. Havn't checked into rebuilding Ni-Cads but I know the
Aircraft guys do it so its not necessarily impossible. Would like to discuss
Ni-Cad rebuilding if someone has experiance or has researched it. I have a large
batch (2-300) of aircraft Marathons that IIRC are similar to BB-600s that might
be worth messing with. TIA David Chapman.

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