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Hello all - thank you for your support and advice to me as I finish my project (88 Mazda w/ Solectria kit) and others as I have learned a lot from your responses to them.

I am nearing completion, but am completely frustrated with ElectroAuto. It has now been 4 1/2 Months since I placed my order and I am still waiting on parts. I have received the bulk of it - motor, controller, etc... the expensive pieces. But still waiting on shunt, guages, interior control panel, and literature.

This is the second time they have gone incommunicado - I could not reach them for the entire month of August. At that point I was just seeking answers to a couple questions so that I could proceed with the fabrication of battery boxes, etc. I finally I called Petra at home on a holiday and got am email response the next day. I have called many times and emailed, but am getting nothing.

Let this be a warning to those seeking to do business with them - I am extremely unhappy with my experience. If anyone knows a great way to get some action out of ELectro, please let me know.

Also, I have been needing a diagram of how to wire up a Zivan NG3 charger, specifically the DC side, I would be much obliged. The charger is in the trunk of the car. Do I need to run 10AWG wires all the way to the front to hook in at the shunt on the one side, and the circuit breaker on the other? I'm a bit confused, and anm getting no help from Electro.

I welcome private email responses.

Andy Herringshaw
Pella, IA

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