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[EVDL] The Ferrari Segway: 0 to arcane in 60 seconds

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Posted by: "Remy Chevalier" [email protected] cleannewworld
Date: Tue Oct 23, 2007 10:45 pm ((PDT))

The Ferrari Segway: 0 to arcane in 60 seconds
Posted Oct 22nd 2007 by Thomas Ricker

Believe it or not there it is, the Ferrari-branded Segway. It's not any
faster than the regular PT i2 and certainly won't help to convince the
authorities to repeal any sidewalk-safety laws. It is red, however, and
features a conspicuous Cavallino Rampante badge for all your subordinates to
see. All yours Mr. PoloPants for just $12,000.

[Via Sybarites, thanks RV]

Segway have teamed up with Ferrari to release a special limited edition
version of their i2 Personal Transporter. Ferrari have used Segway's as a
transportation method around their Maranello factory for sometime now, the
Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition comes in Ferrari's signature color, red
and features the Scuderia Ferrari logo at the base. It has a range of almost
forty kilometers off one battery charge and can be easily stowed in the
trunk of a car for longer journeys. It comes with a handlebar bag made of

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