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<<<< Most of the requests we get demand at least 100 to 150 miles of range.
At 70mph, with A/C (we're in Central Texas, this is a must for most
people). The range requirement is typically the first thing mentioned.
"I need a [whatever car type] that can go 150 miles on the freeway,
seats four and has good A/C". And, folks genuinely think they're being
conservative and open-minded, since their gas car can do 300 miles
between trips to the gas station, and they can fill up in 2 minutes! >>>>

I know you can't help where you live and decide to start a business,
but it seems these people are the *last* market to be shooting for!
Anyone who lives out in the hinterlands and spends that much time
driving that fast might be a better candidate for SVO conversions of
diesel cars and trucks. You're already in an area with a high
population of pickups!

The first market for EVs is the majority of the car drivers that
doesn't go more than 50mi in a day (especially those with more than
one car) - the problem is these are also the people who should have
the most bullet-proof system (because we keep building better idiots).
Best to go with AGMs, and if done with a tranny, some way to prevent
running the motor in neutral or with the clutch out (or just go AC),
but now you are into an even higher price range.

My Ranger is plug-and-play from the factory, so even if I wasn't
EV-savvy, the worst I could do is run it till it stops and then never
plug it in. If Ford offered it for sale now, even if just with
lead-acid, I wager they would sell plenty - yes, the range is barely
40mi at the governed 75mph top speed, but that goes to over 60mi at
55mph, and it needs nothing else to keep running.

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