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[EVDL] Thought I had bad batterys aka Smart charger glitch

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Learned something new today. My batteries have a flat contact point
with a bolt sticking up. I know they are not optimal. They were
bought 2 years ago, before I learned better.
I have a galvanized nut with a large galvanized washer holding down
my 2/0 cable terminals.
Long story short. I attached the ring terminal from my Schumachers
chargers under the nut on top of the washer! Everyone of them went
ballistic about it's battery. Apparently the steel bolt and washer
have too large a resistance. The Schumachers thought I had bad
batteries. As long as they are touching tinned copper cable ends or
lead on the battery, no problems.
Just thought I might spread this little nugget.

R. M. Milliron

1981 Jet Electrica (Ford Escort)

This machine had been garaged for 17 years. I have
upgraded and made it operable. Tabitha, my daughter,
named it, "Pikachu". It's yellow and black, electric
and contains Japanese parts, so I went with it.

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