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[EVDL] ThunderSky LFP Batteries

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I have seen alot of comment about TS batteries on the list.
Some real world experience for you...

TS LFP90AHA x 45 cells
6 months old
3900km (2450miles) so far
Average 1C draw
Regular 2C bursts
5C possible on warm days.
Still as good as the day they were delivered.

Less than half the weight of my old lead pack.
Double the range of my old lead pack.
Can be left partially discharged for days on end, try that with lead.
These batteries are GREAT!!! Bring on the revolution...

Regards, Rod Dilkes

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They certainly do/did.. but we are starting to hear from people that
are having better luck with the LFPs. Maybe because the manufacturing
process is simpler they are having better Q/A now.

> Just remember that ThunderSky has business practices that make a Used
> Car Salesman look like a saint.
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