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[EVDL] to Wayne from Wayne

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Wayne, the 11HV is a great choice I have one in my 82 ElCamino and it WILL blow the doors off most V8s .and go get groceries with the wife sitting beside me.

I had a Net gain 360 [email protected] 1400 amp controller in it, it would burn rubber in 3 gears . Sad, it developed a switching problem and I had to send it back . Soon as its fixed it goes back on . The car is using lead right now, and weighs out at 4140 Lbs , 24, 12 volt DS batts for 288 volts . AND the 12 bolt rear end can handle it very well ...BTW , it has a/c, PS, heat, PBs. Back in 82 the hot choice was a miserable 305 V8, the same cars in my town with that engine know to stay far behind me when im on the road LOLOL what it feels like is in 2nd gear from a stop ,you push down even on the gas peddle and it feels like your in a jet plane at take off, you keep being pushed back in the seat farther and farther. the other thing is ,it feels like theres no limit to the acceleration.

theres s Pics of it on my web site
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