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[EVDL] Toyota breaks China dependency w/ efficient cheaper lighter electromagnet indu

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Toyota Tries to Lessen Dependence on China =

By David Silver Jan 14 2011 ... for its rare earth metals ... about =

a kilogram ... of a rare earth metal neodymium is used in every Toyota
Prius. Almost all of the neodymium produced and refined today comes =

out of China. The auto industry uses approximately 40% of all the =

neodymium produced, and prices have skyrocketed ...

Toyota is attempting to develop an induction motor ... that uses =

electromagnets ... General Motors (GM) ... is already trying to =

develop an induction motor, while Continental AG ... one of the =

largest auto parts suppliers in the world said it already has an =

induction motor that will be used in an electric vehicle next year in

Prices for rare earth metals have been extremely volatile, but if the
world's automakers can find an alternative to using neodymium without =

sacrificing any power or performance, it will take a great deal of the
demand out of the rare earth metal. Prices would then fall. I assume =

that other industries that use rare earth metals (cell phones, =

computers, etc.) are also looking for alternatives to lessen their =

dependence on Chinese rare earth metals. []
... (UKPA) =96 Jan 17 2011 Toyota is developing a new type of electric
motor to cut its dependence on rare earth metals and lower costs, a =

company spokesman said ... The new technology will help free the =

world's leading carmaker from relying on China, which produces 97% of
the global output of rare earth metals needed for many high-tech =

products ... it made sense for companies that make high-tech =

products to be developing alternatives, given trade uncertainties with
China. Japan has also actively pursued deals around Asia to develop =

alternative sources ...
[=A9 2011 The Press Association. All rights reserved.]
Toyota Is Developing Electric Motors That Don=92t Need Rare Earth Metals
Jan 17 2011 ... induction motors=97not requiring rare earth metals=97
can offer higher efficiency and durability than permanent-magnet =

motors, according to Michael Duoba, a research engineer with Argonne =

National Laboratory in Argonne.

In addition, Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota=92s executive vice president for
research and product development, told Bloomberg that Toyota is =

developing efficient, cheaper, lighter motors, along with advanced =

batteries and power electronics, as electric propulsion becomes =

increasingly important to the company and the auto industry. In 2012,
Toyota will sell the RAV4 EV compact sport-utility electric vehicle
with an induction motor supplied by Tesla Motors. That battery, and =

the one used in the Tesla Roadster and future Model S sedan, use a =

similar motor without rare-earth materials.

... China currently accounts for about 97 percent of the world's =

production of rare earth minerals, which are used in wind turbines and
smart phones, as well as hybrid and electric cars.
Toyota Searches for a Way Out of the Rare Earth by Kent Bernhard, Jr.
Jan 17 2011 Toyota doesn=92t want to be dependent on China for raw =

materials in its next generation of cars ... =

[=A9 2011 American City Business Journals. All rights reserved.]


-- =

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