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Hi All,
Since TS won't come clean, isn't it time to set
up a website warning others about them? 2 can play the
internet game. When their actions hurt the bottom line, they
will pay attention and the internet levels the playing
PS My computer still down.
Jerry Dycus

----- Original Message Follows -----
From: "Curtis Muhlestein" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: New HEV and EV
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 11:46:51 -0700

>Jukka J=E4rvinen wrote:
>> I have no problem to talk about the TS issues. I know how
>they do things =
>> and it is far from western standards.
>> =
>> I've rolled the full case about the old cells in front of
>Winston. I =
>> feel a bit troubled how he reacted on the issue. The
>amount of cells =
>> that need changing is muuuch greater that anyone of us
>knows. I believe.
>That makes no difference really. Amount of money they
>basically stole is also much greater than anyone knows
>about, but that doesn't bother Winston and Co.
>Makes no difference if the staff, policies or whatever have
>changed since 2003 when that happened. Bottom line - I'm
>(and 10 other people) out of money and out of product we
>paid for. That fact didn't change. Everything else is cheap
>talk, true or false.
>> This is the reason I have always STRONGLY adviced NOT to
>buy cells =
>> directly from them. I test all my cells in China before
>shipping. If any =
>> bad I change it.
>Perhaps I wasn't clear. If I buy TS sells from you and you
>in turn buy them from TS for me, my money ultimately go to
>TS anyway. And I =
>already paid them, and they know it.
>So I should not buy TS product at all (and discourage
>others) (directly or through Finnish distributor, makes no
>difference) at least until one of 2 things happen:
>a) - They return my money (and I can return their junk
> of course at their expense if they want)
>b) - They fill *MY* trunk with 96 working cells *I* paid
>It is of course your choice how to deal with TS, but if
>you don't pressure and make them suffer, you encourage them
>to keep doing what they did. I sincerely wish your business
>to prosper, but if your sales decline because fewer people
>buy their product (through you) - you suffer through no
>fault of your own. Your own business practices are
>perfectly fine, but it's not about you now, it's about TS
>and us (me in this case). You weren't even involved in the
>initial group purchase. Your only "fault" (for the lack of
>better word) is your choice to still establish business
>with TS as if they fully deserve it as good responsible
>supplier *by customer's standards* (which they are not).
>I don't want to impair your business, but I want to hold TS
>responsible for theirs by spreading the word to get to
>option a) or b) (see above) as close as possible.
>Please suggest other means if you know of any.
>I believe you, or any their distributor, can keep insisting
>on them to rectify the situation by [partially] refusing to
>deal with them so their bottom line suffers - you have much
>more =
>influence and leverage than me and others who're just TS'
>end customers.
>You may be very right in assessment of current "changed" TS
>, but [whether we keep talking about it or quit the thread
>now], the fact remains - the trunk of my EV is still empty.
>Rub it in =
>Winston's face.
>p.s. A bit recomposed copy of this email is going to
>Winston directly as well. Will see if it will have any
>For subscription options, see

For subscription options, see
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