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Hey Marty,

Instead of talking volts and amps, I'll try it like
some other guys explain stuff.

Say Dad has a big pile of dirt in the yard he needs
moved. He gets his twin sons, Bill and Ted, out there
to move half of it. But he has just one wheelbarrow.
He puts Ted on one handle and Bill on the other. Dad
fills the wheelbarrow with dirt, he has a skidloader,
he's not stupid. Then Bill and Ted push the loaded
wheelbarrow over to the other side of the yard. They
both go at the same speed, obviously. Bill and Ted
are the same size boys and do an equal amount of work
and get equally exhausted.

Now, half the pile is moved and Bill and Ted go off
down the street to tease the girls. Dad then calls
out his other two sons, Jim and Marty, who are not
twins. Jim is a little scrawny boy and Marty is a
husky dude. Just like with the twins, Jim takes one
handle and Marty the other. Now, when they start
pushing, Marty really leans into it and Jim does all
he can. Still going at equal speeds, they get it up
to pace and continue across the yard. But Jim, the
scrawny kid, is really working hard now, while Marty
is just cruising. They get the job done. Marty goes
off to the gym for his workout. But poor Jim is lying
on the ground moaning. Dad takes Jim to the hospital
and checks him in for a rewind.

Get my meaning?

Jeff M

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