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<<<< First of all I want to clarify a few things, I dont or never will
own a Lexus, i was trying to make a point on ICE cost vs a EV, and the
EPA stuff on cars are only guaranteed to 50,000 miles, even though the
drive train might be covered to 100,000 or less, the point i was
trying to make was, the newer cars at the dealer try and sell all they
can, the "check engine" lite on a lot of cars is tied to the speed-O,
so at a certain millage the lite will come on even though there might
not be anything wrong, they want you in their shop to stuff a corn cob
up your butt on billing. >>>>

Another reason it is well worth it to buy a OBD2 with a USB plug -
works with most any laptop and free online software allows you to read
error messages, problem codes and reset them (including the CEL).

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