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Larry Gales <[email protected]> wrote:

> Note that CO2 is NOT a LOCAL pollutant: unlike CO, it does not matter much
> if you increase CO2 in New jersey, if you reduce it in California. For CO2
> (unless you are talking about amounts of CO2 way beyond what were are
> considering), it is only the TOTAL amount of CO2 in the air/oceans that
> matters.
> -- Larry Gales
> Apologies to you Larry (I emailed him directly and not the list.)

My power station is about 35 miles away from where I live .. that's fairly
If my EV emits more Co2 via charging from a coal fired plant than simply
driving my car, then that *would* add to the total amount of Co2, albeit by
a small amount, since my ICE car would be off the road.

<insert unknowns here> 19lbs co2 / gallon of gas (avg) <1.77lbs per kwh> -
into something 16% efficient <insert unknowns here>
<insert unknowns here> 2.128 lbs co2 / kwh from coal (avg - Mountain census
division) - into something 80% efficient <insert unknowns here>

19lbs / 30mpg = .63lb per mile I'll bump that to .9lbs per mile because of
all the Co2 emissions *before* gasoline reaches the tank, this is the figure
nobody can seem to actually estimate, the most important, I'm sure its
probably higher.

I'm talking about a theoretical truck here, not the leaf, which I'm sure
would be very different:

25kwh charge for a 450wh/mile EV
25kwh x 2.128lbs = 53.2lbs
(25kw x .9 charger efficiency x .8 battery efficiency = 18kwh, I'll round to
20kwh ;)
20kwh usable battery / 450wh = 44 miles range.
53.2lbs / 44miles = 1.2lbs per mile

Now you could bump that 1.2lbs to something more again as here I'm only
factoring in theoretical charging inefficiencies ...

This is pretty simple, and I apologize again because I'm probably forgetting
a lot of things (and my numbers are probably off) but that's why I'm here,
I'd really like someone's help or opinion. And I'll reiterate again, I am
PRO EV, and I really want to disprove the long tailpipe theory as it is a
really uncomfortable truth for someone charging from a coal plant that might
not be the newest one on the block.

This won't stop me from building my EV, but it will make me work extra hard
to go solar :D
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