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[EVDL] Welcome to FLA, was: EV Charger Roll out in Tucson

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<<<< So here we sit in an easy EV driving state where if you look at the
horizon the tallest things you see are trees, cell-towers, and buildings and
drivers consider a 20 ft. rise in 1/2 a mile then leveling off as a "HILL!"
(It is really an old sand dune grassed over and well weathered to near
flat...) Where major older highways were built along "Ridges" but to each
side the lowest land within five miles is only 20 or 30 feet lower. If it
wasn't for the curvature of the Earth we couldn't see over the trees. (Well,
at least on this cold for Florida morning the temperature is 65 degrees ! I
guess that is why many people choose to live here. ) >>>>

I had a teacher in high school who came from Miami -- when asked why
he left, he said it was the "flat, moist heat". Thanks for that old
memory, Dennis!

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