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[EVDL] "Welcome to the real world, she said to me, condescendingly..."

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<<< oooh sour grapes from the dubester : ) be prepared to be bitch slapped
for your insolence : )

quick googling indicates that typical human biking power is around
80watt going 12mph. efficiency aside that would be about an hour with a
dewalt pack right? let's say we get only half, how long is that... : )
this ebike: with a
360Wh pack (little over 4 dewalt packs) claims towards 25 mile range.
how much is a quarter of that? is it 1 mile? : )

he shoots, he scores : )

Dan >>>

No, air ball...

Bill's numbers for 15mph work out to a very liberal 40 miles per kwh,
without acceleration, hills, or wind: 3 miles from a singe Dewalt pack
is actually pretty impressive. Don't quote claimed range from a
website if you haven't actually done it yourself - most of EV distance
specs are pure fiction and being off by a full 50% is not unusual.

E-bikes may list a "400 watt motor", but that's the *labeled rating*
-- the controller pumps in much more than that to maintain 20mph
(which is the Federal limit for production e-bikes).

As for the human equivalent:

"Figures from Bicycling Science 2nd ed., Whitt and Wilson, MIT Press
1994, p186:

Note that figures for human-powered transportation are in incremental
consumption above the resting level.

Road bicycle plus rider:

4mph 8.4 kcal/km
10mph 15.6 kcal/km
15mph 24.4 kcal/km"

Feel free to do the math, but 15mph works out to ~45 wt-hrs/mi. Maybe
it was done with a fat guy on a fat-tired bike...

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