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[EVDL] What KW are you -ALL- looking for?

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This group is very diverse in what the needs are.

So what is the weight of your vehicle (no batteries, no motor) that you have or desire? And what HP or KW ratting are you wishing to put in it? Expected battery pack weight, and If you know an example of the motor you want to use list it please.

Feel free to make recammendations to anyone who lists. It could be interresting.

Mine are

Car,weight,battery(etc),motor examples

Taddy , 300lb, 6.5kw, (Hybrid genset 75lbs / pack 75lbs), Twox3kw Scooter Hub motors.

Detalidon, 500lb, 8kw, 450lbs, two PMG132 or overkill with Two ADV-DC ~4009
(This may switch to a lawn mower transaxle and one AC motor)

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