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I recently noticed an ad in =93Electric and Hybrid Vehicle
Magazine. Electric
Fuel Propulsion Company from Detroit back in the 1960=92s built lead-cobalt
batteries. Now called Apollo Energy Systems Inc. and located in Florida.
Their specialty seems to be =93Lead Foam=94 plates they claim 37 WH/Kg dens=
and are developing an improvement to soon reach 100 WH/Kg They also claim
25% of the price of Lithium for similar capacity, fast charge capability,
longer life, easier to recycle. Also a fuel cell hybrid vehicle system using
a fuel cell that gets its hydrogen from liquid ammonia similar to
agriculture=92s popular fertilizer in liquid form which is simple to handle
with somewhat higher safe handling requirements. Their web site is: <> I know nothing else
about them, they are advertising a manufacturing venture of =93Silver Volt =
electric sport car, (with styling right out of the sixties!) which seems to
be a fuel-cell Hybrid with their lead-cobalt batteries. Claiming a combined
250 mile range..

Considering my lack of knowledge about this company, do any of you-all
have experience or knowledge you might want to share about them?

Their published materials look interesting, are they for real? Anyone used
these Batteries? What the heck is =93Tri-Polar?=94 [Sounds too much like =
Capacitor=94 (In the movie that had three connections.)]
-- =

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