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We have a non functioning Citroen eBerlingo with its controller in
Scotland (Hi Evan - have you fixed it yet?)

We are wanting to at least have a run about in this thing - so would
this work? We know the motor is now fine and running OK.

I have a Curtis 1231C in my mini which we could "borrow"

I'm not exactly sure what motor is in the berlingo. Its a kind of shunt
motor with "field excitation". Made by Leroy Somer. It isn't a series
wound - I know that for a fact.

Could we fix up the field coils to pack voltage and run the armature
with the Curtis just to get us moving? Would the Curtis not appreciate
160-170Volts? Is there some bad science going on here? We could always
"lose" a few batteries to lower the voltage to 144V if necessary just to
try it out.

Any advice would be welcome as we are getting bored of not driving our EV.


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