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[EVDL] X-Prize Disapointment - YES

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I agree.... A Disappointment...

Bill Moore of EV-World has already commented on this as well..

I always thought ONE of the main criteria, is that the car would have to
be Marketable, Produiceable, and Pleasing to your Average Consumer. I
don't think a car like that Science Experiment of Edison2 would have any
kind of Mass Market appeal... at any price.

As I the only one who noticed the position of the Driver.. Relative to
the Front Wind Screen ??

The winning car from Edison2 is SO B*## UGLY !!! ... Sorry...

I watched the National Geographic Program in Horror !

One of the comments from EV World stated the the VW L-1 Diesel car some
YEARS back already was capable of over 100 mpg at freeway speed. And it
was very pleasing to the EYE as well.. Probably could have had EXTRA
Points for running on Peanut Oil and Mr. Diesel had intended.

The Aptera, the Tango, the Western Washington U. car... !! All OUT of
the running... So WHAT if on one of the passes through the Avoidance
cones, the young driver from Washington goofed! He took a second STAB at
it and ACE'ed it! They gave the Aptera a PASS on their screw up after
the drivers knee hit the door latch and the Door flew open as the driver
went through the cones !!!

I think the only car of equal bad looks, was the car from Taiwan, which
was wrapped in FOAM as a Crash Safety gimmick..

Not trying to be Pacific N.W. CENTRIC here, but here is another car,
which as reported earlier did 200 miles at free way speed, Not with
$15,000 worth of High End Li-Ion Batteries but old used LEAD Acid.
But its builder.. Dave Cloud, after being nearly Choked to Death with
paper work and Red Tape, bowed OUT of the X-Priz contest early on and
got a refund ( I hope ) of his $ Thoudsnds in Entry FEES.
(Pictures at: )

IMHO.... and no LOL.... just disappointed.
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