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There is something about zener regs that I don't understand.

Looking at Lee Hart's design, I see that the higher-voltage zener is
specified at 6.8v.

If I were to put these regs on my pack, how would I ever get a full charge?

USBattery says that I should charge up to a maximum of 7.75v x 26 = 201.5v.

If I use zeners to dissipate excess energy, the pack would never get past
6.8 x 26 = 176.8v, which is obviously WAY below what the manufacturer
considers to be a full charge.

Is that correct? Do I have that right?

If I were to select 7.5v zeners, would that affect the other part
specifications? Would I need differently-sized resistors, or different
bulbs, for example?

Bottom line: I NEED to use zener regs because some of my batts are WAY out
of balance, but I also want to get a good full charge to take advantage of
my new Elcon PFC4000. How do I do both?

Your comments are welcome.


Steve Kobb

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