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[EVDL] Zero Racers

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The Zero Race teams just left SA and are headed south through Mexico to
Cancun. Our chapter was contacted for support and I offered our house
to the teams. It was very cool to have the Trev and the Zerotracer in
my garage for a couple days and be able to spend time with Louis and the
teams. The Zerotracer was much bigger than I imagined and the Trev was
much smaller than I imagined. These two vehicles are at opposite ends
of the spectrum. I've been a big fan of both for years (I remember
seeing the Monotracer on TV about 20 years ago).

The Zerotracer is big and relatively heavy, with awesome performance -
200 mile range, 0-60 in 4.5 sec, and very stable at 100+ mph. It uses
Kokam batteries and a Brusa drive system. The custom gearbox is a work
of art as is everything else under the removable panels. The fit,
finish and comfort are what you expect from a hand-made carbon-fiber
$80K vehicle. They had some good sponsors and a full set of spare parts.

The Trev was built by students at a University on a budget. It is very
lightweight and very simple, even a bit crude like a lot of homemade
vehicles. The honeycomb construction method is brilliant and it has
held up pretty well after many thousands of miles in adverse
conditions. It also uses Kokam batteries and it has a Vectrix
motor/wheel/swingarm and a University-designed controller. The team was
operating on no budget, with basically duct tape and a soldering iron.
I was surprised to see the difference in vehicles and teams. All great
guys and working very long hours in rough conditions. The third team
has a Vectrix with an additional battery box bolted on the back for a
200 mile range.

Louis Palmer is a fascinating guy with more stories than ten lifetimes
of ten other people. Check out their websites and join them on facebook
if you can. I hope next year this can be a much bigger event with more
teams, more sponsors and more coverage. They really are driving EV's
around the world with no tricks. No generators allowed, only existing
electric infrastructure which has been mostly RV parks through the US.
An interesting comment was that China makes the US look like it's in the
stone age as far as infrastructure, from the massive wind farms to the
electrical systems and roads, everything is brand new.

Gary Krysztopik
ZWheelz, LLC -
Alamo City Electric Auto Association -
blog -
San Antonio, TX

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