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I really don't want to do this but I've come to the point that I need
to sell my Zilla Z1K-HV. This used to be in Dave Delman's Delorian
( I received the unit in May 2009. I sent the
Hairball to Otmar and had him add the -A and -P option. After my
daughter totaled my S10 donor (she is ok) and a few other financial
setbacks I feel this should go into someone's EV since it may be a
while before I can start a conversion now. I'm quite sure the unit is
in good working order but I have not hooked it up to try it. This sale
includes the HEPA pedal and a Palm IIIxe with the flashed telnet
program. This is a $3000 package.

Please email me off list for pictures, any other info or to make a
reasonable offer.

David D. Nelson

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