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[image] ZMP Releases Single-seater Robot Electric Car
Masaru Yoshida, Nikkei Monozukuri Jan 16 2011
ZMP Inc released a single-seater robot electric vehicle (EV) for =

research and development of EVs and next-generation transportation.

The robot EV, "RoboCar MEV," is equipped with sensors, control =

devices, motors and so forth. And the company expects that it will be =

used as a test car to develop technologies related to the safety, =

automatic driving and telecommunication of future EVs.

ZMP released the "RoboCar 1/10" as a car robotics research platform in
2009 (See related article =

[ ]
). The RoboCar MEV was developed based on the technologies used for =

the RoboCar 1/10.

The RoboCar MEV measures 2.4 (L) x 1.0 (W) x 1.6m (H) and weighs about
350kg. It is driven by two 2.9kW in-wheel motors embedded in rear =


As for sensors, the RoboCar MEV has a stereo camera, an IMU (inertial =

measurement unit) and a laser range finder that is located on the =

bumper. It is possible to measure the location of the vehicle with a =

resolution of 1 to 2cm by using a vehicle speed sensor in wheels, and =

the driving and steering can be automatically controlled by using a =

computer. Also, communication functions such as wireless LAN and =

Bluetooth can be added to the vehicle.

The RoboCar MEV comes in three models: "Type A," "Type B" and "Type =

C." The Type A has a drive-by-wire function and can autonomously =

reduce its speed by using a regenerative brake, etc. The Type B has a
steer-by-wire function and a steering control function in addition to
all the functions of the Type A. The type C, which is the highest-end
model, has a brake-by-wire function, stereo camera and IMU in addition =

to all the functions of the Type B.

Their prices are =A52,880,000, 4,880,000 and 6,880,000 (approx =

US$34,728, 58,845 and 82,962), respectively.
[=A9 1995-2010 Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. All rights reserved.]
ZMP debuts single-seater robotic electric car Anupam Jan 17 2011 =

Japanese automobile manufacturer ZMP has announced a new single-seater
electric robotic vehicle, the RoBoCar. The zero-emission vehicle =

features an array of sensors that include an Inertial Measurement Unit =

(IMU), speed sensor and laser range finders. The vehicle is equipped =

with a newly developed autonomous system that allows the onboard =

computers to move the vehicle without the need of any driver.

The onboard computers are so efficient that the company claims that =

they can drive the vehicle with a stunning precision of 1 to 2cm. The
RoBoCar MEV will be made available in three different variants, which =

includes a drive-by-wire model capable of adapting to speed =

automatically, which costs about 2.8 million yen. The second model is
a steer-by-wire model with automatic steering capability that costs =

about 4.8 million yen. The third model will feature brake-by-wire and =

steer-by-wire and will cost about 6.8 million yen.
Akihabara News =

[image] ... ZMP has introduced such a vehicle with its new RoBoCar =

MEV. The ZMP RoBoCar Micro Electric Vehicle (MEV) is an intelligent =

vehicle that can drive itself ... This makes it able to navigate on =

the roads without going off track.
... Medium-speed Electric Vehicles ... whose speed attainable in one
mile is more than 25mph but not more than 35mph ... =


-- =

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