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Hi All,

As anyone had experience with using the Soliton1's OUT1, OUT2, OUT3 terminals to drive analogue meters?

I see from p13 of the manual that "Battery Pack Voltage, Motor Current, Motor Power and estimated State of Charge" can be output as a 12V 60Hz square wave with duty cycle varying from 0 to 100%.

How is the Battery Pack Voltage output enabled (I can't see this on the web interface).

What does 100% duty cycle correspond to in each case?
e.g. Is 100% Motor Current 1000A? or the configured maximum?

I'm particularly interested in the SoC output.
The configurable parameters are:
- Minimum SoC voltage
- Maximum SoC voltage
- Battery current SoC hold

I can see two possibilities here:
1) SoC output is just a voltage reading between the configured min and max, or
2) The min and max voltages are trigger points for an amp-hour counter.

What is the procedure for calibrating this?
What does "Battery current SoC hold" do?


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