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EVS BMS (successor of simp BMS) and Tesla Gen2 Charger (Damiens V5aB3 board)

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Hello together
I am trying to get the EVS BMS (successor of simp BMS) working with the Tesla Gen2 Charger (Damiens V5aB3 board) via CAN. What settings do I need to set in the BMS under category 5 'Communication parameters'?
Thanks a lot
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It is not compatible at the moment, as there are so many board variants and a few firmware variants about.

I can implement the following
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Hello Tom
That would be awesome! With this extension it would be possible for the BMS to send the correct charge parameters to the gen2 charger, accounting for both the CC and CV phases of charging, including turning the charger on and off!
I'm not that experienced in this field of DIY ElectricCars yet, so I don't know exactly what more would be needed. But I guess not much! ;-)
Thanks a lot!
Released a Firmware update to support the OI Tesla Charger board as described on the wiki.

Information on doing the update: EVS Product Manual
Hoi Tom
Thanks a lot for your kind support! I was able to successfully load the new firmware onto the Teensy with the loader as described.
Which value do I have to set in the index '508, CanChargerType'?
Is there a new value '9-OI Tesla Charger'? Are there any other values that need to be set in the BMS for the Tesla board?
With kind regards
The value is 11 for the OI tesla charger in the canbus comms.

The rest needs to be set as with any charger nothing special required.
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