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Many, many individuals, organizations and communities have tried to support the free energy contributors over the years but in every case there is no substantial proof to back up their claims. I'd fully support it if I thought there was some validity to the case but like so many before me have stated, you'd have to find a way around the laws of thermodynamics to have a free energy machine.

99% of free energy "scientists" are exactly the opposite. Most don't understand the scientific method and as a result, often have very incomplete theories and devices to boot. They try to sell you on the idea but if you were to ask for a very simple measurement such as watts in and watts out, they won't do it for you.

The light bulb test in that video really made me laugh. All it proves is that a flywheel with momentum will continue to display potential energy as it slows down. That's not shocking to anyone. A test that would impress me would be the following:

Attach a watt/hour meter to the input side and a separate one on the output side. Run the device up to full speed. Disconnect the device from the input power source. Record the input power used in watt/hours (MUST HAVE BOTH! Just peak watts or something like that is not the full measurement.) Wait until the device stops completely. Record the output power. If output power exceeded input power, you're on to something.

The test described above matters because it has practical application. We generate and use electricity. Amounts of electricity are rated in watt/hours. Your EV doesn't run on some arbitrary amount of volts and amps, the combination of the two make watts and the amount of time it pulls watts is the watt/hour. It only makes sense to rate a device with that measurement.

The funny thing is that these guys refuse to use that metric. They instead rely on irrelevant metrics such as device speed or difficulty of stopping it or peak voltage. None of that makes a car go. Give me a tangible result and I'll preach to the world that you are a genius, otherwise I'm going to ignore it.

That's my 2 cents.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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