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This looks like a scam to me, I have seen many examples of "magnet motors", but as others have said, none of them stand up to scrutiny, or as I call it, the laws of physics. Anyone heard of the grey motor? its the same idea, a perpetial motor machine that isn't. Although he called it "over-unity".

GM did sell their controlling share (60% ownership I think) of the ovonics NiMh battery patent to texaco though, who in turn sued toyota for trying to use their own improved (reliable) version in their own cars (thus killing the rav4-EV), thats when the "hybrid synergy drive" marketing campain began. Toyota was not legally allowed to use battery packs large enough to deploy an effective electric car, so we got the prius instead:mad:.

But this did give the motivation for others to focus on lithium batteries (many different versions by now) instead of heavier nickel or even lead based, so in the long run, I think cheveron/texaco did more harn than good to themselves.
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