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Feasibility of Partial Conversion

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I am planning on designing a custom "dune buggy" hybrid that runs primarily on gasoline/diesel but is able to run on electricity. I was wondering if it there is a possibility for a ICE and a elec. motor to power the vehicle at the same time( to increase acceleration from a halt/fuel economy)? I was if a differential would work to combine the two different forces. I plan on plugging the batteries into a household socket, and using the engine to charge the batteries when they are not being used. I was also wondering what motor wattage I should be looking for?
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A hybrid is much harder to do than a pure EV.

Best of luck- but the reason you're not getting many responses is that most people who consider this goal, abandon it once they find out how hard it would be to implement and how few benefits it would actually give. Not impossible, but challenging for a DIY and too little bang for the buck spent.
If you do move forward, your best bet is to transplant the complete drivetrain out of a hybrid automobile. Perhaps a 2nd gen prius. Then, find or recreate a plug-in-hybrid system for it to extend the electric-only capabilities.

But, I agree with prior post. Its a lot of work to build a hybrid from scratch, and you probably won't get the results you are hoping for.
Yes I feel using Prius drive train sounds feasible.
Thanks for all the replies. After doing some more research I will probably plan on creating a mild hybrid, either do something similar to Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) or go with a much more simpler approach and have the ICE run the back wheels while the electric motor runs the front wheels (like PSA HYbrid4 system)
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