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Featured EV Video: Craig Dusing's Chevy S-10

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This weekend we filmed some footage of Craig's S10 EV. I thought it was a very nice conversion although he wants to make it even cleaner still. The truck had plenty of pep and good range. If you have questions about this conversion, this is the place to ask.

He used 16 8v Trojan golf cart batteries to make a 144v system. His Zivan charger sits between the seats in the cab and he said he normally charges it by just running an extension cord up to the truck. He has an Advanced DC 9" Motor and a Curtis controller. The bed is hinged to expose access to the batteries and the batteries themselves are in a custom molded frame. The rear suspension has been upgraded to hold the weight of the batteries.

For photos, component list and other details: Electric Red in the DIY Electric Car Garage
Here is the Youtube page for this video
And finally, Craig's User Page on in the DIY Electric Car Forums
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