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it is possible of course, but it is terrible. you are going to use a %65 efficient alternator on an idling engine (what %10 efficient idling) for a conversion efficiency of maybe %6.5, lets knock off another %20 for the 12-144v conversion, so %5 efficient?

so assuming 100 amp alternator, and that you meant 10kwH, it would take 10.5 hours to recharge fully. And it isn't "free", assuming 115,000 btu per gallon, it will take 6 gallons to recharge. and it might save you a gallon in the first hour of driving, and will also hurt your mileage if charging while driving.

just dump 5 gallons on the ground and save yourself the trouble.

edit, actually it is worse, I'm not taking charging/discharging and motor/controller losses into account, but you get the idea.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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