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Fiat 126 Electric conversion

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I would like to show you the electric conversion I made on my old Fiat 126 from 1979.
I worked on it from 2013 until last week (some time, not full time!), and it is now finished. Here are the technical specs, and then some pictures :
Motor Agni 95R 72V
Battery : 74V 140Ah (20S2P LiPo kokam 70Ah)
BMS : VE-Tronic (
Controller : Kelly KDHE72801E (with regen)
Converter : TC-CH TDC72/12
Charger : TC-CH H84-25 with enable
The battery is half front (10S2P) and half rear (on the pictures, rear battery is not covered, but it will be)
I kept the original clutch and gearbox.
The power and speed is the same as the original car (16kW and 110km/h), the autonomy is about 100kms @ 50km/h with uphill and dowhill (I live in the french alps!).
This car is now a great pleasure to drive, without any noise inside!

I'm only disapointed about the French law : impossible to get a french approval to be street-legal. So I would like to get your advices on how to approve a converted car in the country close to France (UK, Belgium, Germany, Swiss...). Maybe it could help me!
Thanks in advance, and best regards!


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Your problem (I assume) for the French approval is the lack of EMC certificates for the motor and controller. Without these any EU country is not allowed to approve a converted car so getting something from a neighbouring country wouldnt help you.

Getting these EMC certificates is possible by doing a test but expensive. Looking at your build I believe you need to do some alterations before even considering taking these test.
Futhermore or besides the EMC test your HV wiring should be colorcoded (orange) and shouldnt be possible to touch so theres another 'finger-test' for that you have to comply.

I dont think you will ever get or pass these tests without spending a little fortune (>10.000 euro).
There is another option you could consider: get rid of the approval or 'car' status at all and 'register' it as a farmtractor or slow-moving vehicle. You wont need a registration or licenseplate for that but then your only allowed to drive a max speed of 25kmh. This could be 'tricked' though by programming your controller with some little switch to toggle between 25kmh/50kmh somewhere although it be illlegal...
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